Interface ArenaSelector

public interface ArenaSelector
A selector effectively decides for the arena that shall be choosen given by a Collection.
  • Method Details

    • getType

      default ArenaSelectorType getType()
      The type of this selector.
      The type
    • getPlugin

      Plugin getPlugin()
      The plugin that created this instance.
      The plugin behind this
    • getName

      String getName()
      The name of this selector.

      Must be in the following format: a-z, _, @, :
      All characters also must be lower-cased

      The name
    • run

      @Nullable @Nullable RemoteArena run(List<? extends RemoteArena> arenas, @Nullable @Nullable RemoteArena cachedArena)
      Make this selector do its thing using this method.

      It is legal for him to apply changes to the arenas list (for performance reasons).

      arenas - The arenas from which it shall decide from
      cachedArena - The previously choosen arena. Maybe be null
      The arena that has been choosen. May be null